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Originally Posted by pro60modman View Post
Are you using the 600 or 560 tranny? I thought the 560 tranny was mechanical so you could just wire the ecu up to the 600 module and skew the 600 tranny sensors to think they are working.
I am using the SL600 trans. What you say is exactly what I'm in process of doing right now, see my latest post's in M120 into 560SL. But in the future I want to loose all this and go with a home grown ECU. Using the MB trans ECU forces me to use the MB twin $10,000,000.00 engine ECU's. First time these ECU's give me any crap I want them gone but I will need to communicate with and know what to tell the trans ECU. I would eventually like to make my own trans ECU.

I don't believe the M120 would be too expensive to own if I could build my own ECUs. But MB is driving these engines to extinction with there proprietary **** and out of sight scanner prices and up yearly upgrades. If I make my own ECU's I control the Horizontal and the Vertical.
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