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Originally Posted by pro60modman View Post
Why not just use a standalone megasquirt v2 and a T5? I dont get the impression you like banging gears yourself but the T5 is the easiest tranny swap for almost any custom swap, they are cheap and very upgradable.
Don't think a 6 speed stick with a gated shifter hasn't crossed my mind. There was a guy talking about building bell housings awhile back. I don't know if that ever materialized. But at the moment I have the complete M120 all computers and 722.6 lying around. Right now I'm in the development process. I have the engine running and soon hope to have the car running. As long as that car is running I will have a window of opportunity to crack the CAN code. Once anything goes wrong that window is closed. So I want to do it while I can.
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