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I did a great deal of comparison shopping for a WVO system for my 85 300SD. I chose Golden Fuels because they had installers close by. Once the parts arrived, I chose to install the kit myself (with expert help). Everything I needed was included and of reasonable quality for about $1K. Some of the competitive sites offered better-looking parts and others more efficacious procedures for the delivery and heating of the fuel. I live in Las Vegas so I don't have to concern myself with brutal winter temperatures. Moreover, the Golden Fuels tank is as good as any and the attendant heated Raycor filter (get the biggest one) is top tier.

But, before one obsesses about which kit to buy here is a little advice from the desert:

1) No matter which kit, you need to filter. Then filter. And then filter some more. This is fuel going into a Turbo injected engine, it must be free of contaminents. My WVO fuels looks so good you could cook with it. I devised a relatively inexpensive system which works very well but it is slow. If you want details you can email me.

2) A single tank tempts fate. Even in the tropics. You need to get the cast iron belcher up to operating temperature before you switch to WVO. There are a number of bad things that can happen when a diesel is started on WVO. 2 tanks is mitigates the damage. I know this observation is likely to please no one, from the WVO-is-heresy-diesel-purists to the single tankers alike. This is simply my experience. I change my opinions with the facts I have accumulated. Not a fancy way to live, but it serves me well.
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