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Originally Posted by duxthe1 View Post
I know I gave you greif back when it was in the concept stage but I admire your persistance. Reverse engineering a module to control the trans is going to make your work to date seem like childs play without an advanced electronics degree and a ton of embedded systems software experience. Having taught myself Assembler, designed built and programed a simple controller module, I can tell you that I would run away screaming from the project that you are presenting for yourself. I honestly think that it would be infinately simpler to sell the electronic trans and buy an earlier (and more reliable IMO) non electronic trans. Given the nature of the car I don't really see the avantage of keeping the electronic trans. Say to hell with all of the sensors, wiring, and interface. Put the early trans in, hook up the vacuum and throttle pressure cable and go.
Do you remember what Admiral Nimitz said when he sunk 3 Japanese ships in the battle of Midway. He said , I suppose I could just turn around now and claim victory but there is only one problem, "I want that 4th ship".

Now for the past 4 years I have already had a car, stock 560SL, that is faster than a Ferrari 308 GTSi in all speed categories with the exception of absolute top speed. The 308 GTSi is Allegedly 10 mph faster. That is Allegedly with a capital A. You will note the 308 has 5 speeds and the 560SL only has 4. If the 560SL had 5 speed it would maintain road superiority in all speed categories over the Ferrari 308 GTSi.

So I guess you could say that with the M120, I could beat the Ferrari 308 GTSi in all speed categories even if the transmission were stuck in 4th gear. I guess I should declare victory and go home, but there is only one problem, "I want that 5th gear" When MB went to 5 gears they unfortunately went electronic.

I suppose your going to tell me that the 560SL and Ferrari 308's are both boat anchors when it comes to performance. I know, but keep it quiet, this whole reply is all just a really good BS story.
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