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Originally posted by Ali Al-Chalabi
I don't turn the rotors on my car because I don't think it is completely necessary and the rotors are so soft that they would be at minimum thickness after 1 set of pads and being turned.

I just leave the rotors alone and stick new pads on them when i put in new barkes, and put in new rotors every other set of pads.
I will have to disagree w/ you. I have just truned the rotors on my car and will be able to get at least 1 if not 2 more stest of pads out of them if I so wish.
And if you change your rotors every other set of pads then why not just have them turned after each set. The rotors are made to be turned, if you have any groves, waves in the rotors I would reccomend turning them.

I think we need at tech to chime in and see what he thinks.

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