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bypass filtration

I'm surprised you guys on this forum don't know more about this subject. On some of the other forums, this subject has been covered time and again. The bypass filtration systems are the single best modification you can make to your engine for longevity and extending your oil drain intervals. The tee setup works perfectly. The bypass filter works much more slowly, and most of the oil is diverted to the full flow filter, whether its factory or aftermarket. The bypass filter takes about 5 minutes at around 40 mph to clean all of the oil. These systems definitely work, and definitely extend the life of your oil. These results are proven through oil analysis.

For our Mercedes that have the cartridge filter, not the standard spin-on, the bmk-11 is the kit, the amsoil guy was right. Its pretty easy to install. Follow the below link for a picture step by step install on a vw bug. its not that tough. It was much tougher on thebug because there's hardly any space to mount the filter. Most mbs have room under the hood, allowing vertical mounting (read=no spilling).

This system won't help you relocate your MB factory oil filter, but will extend the life of your engine, and most likely with the right oil, you can go 20-40,000 miles on an oil change, while only changing filters, with cleaner oil than you would have in a 5000 mile oil change and standard filtration. Of course you can ONLY determine your proper oil drain interval through oil analysis. Analysis kits are about $14 and easy to do.
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