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Exclamation Similar Problem, sorta

My 1989 300E with 254k miles (I've clocked 94k of those) did something new this morning - it's throttle stuck. Not the pedal, mind you.

I escaped unharmed despite being on a hugely busy street going waaaaaaay above the speed limit by slipping into neutral, watching the revs climb to about 4500, mashing and holding the brakes while I came down from well over 70 and then shifting back into D.

This did the trick, but it left an impression on my amygdala ( the part of the brain that told our caveman ancestors not to hunt squirrels where the sabre-toothed tigers were last spotted).

Later in the day it did not do this again.

I wonder if this is a "known problem" on aging MBzs?

Any ideas?

Alex Wade,
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