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I took the car to my mech the other day, and he checked over the bushings and tie rods, and said they were in good shape. He did spot the leak on the back struts however. The front struts, like I said, looked fine. I am getting some lowering springs for the car, and I wanted to go to sports all around. I can't, however, put sports in the back and leave the fronts intact, I also don't want to unnecesarily replace the front struts if they are good. Hopefully I can find some type of solution to my car quandry!!! (It seems that nothing works like it should these days, the AC is not cooling, the vacuum pump for the locks died, the shocks and tires, the annoying rattling in the doors, a pathetic output in hp (im running 10 second 0-60s)) Im not quite sure what is the root of all of this, my dad said he took the car in for its scheduled maintenance on time, but I seriosly doubt he would notice anything going wrong with the car untill its almost broke (The state I got the car in) and I don't have the money to fix it up to new... so I just have to pick and choose what gets fixed!!!
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