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I ran the Amsoil BMK-11 in my DIESEL Volkswagen (2000 Jetta). It worked VERY well. Didn't change the oil for more than 53,000 miles! I only changed it to try a different kind of oil. The Amsoil KIT comes with hose and hose connectors and is generally of very good quality. Two things that are missing are the fitting for the supply and return. The METRIC FITTING does NOT work on Mercedes at the oil pressure sending unit (at least on OLD diesels, e.g. 1983). It does work on Volkswagen. For return line on my Volkswagen I used a hollowed out drain plug. If ANYONE has information about this for a Benz, please email me or post it! I have not installed a bypass filter on my '87 300D yet but may. I currently run fully synthetic diesel oil and oil analysis says 1.9% soot after 6750 miles with low iron wear (23 ppm). This is after 16000 miles of synthetic cleaning out the engine - smoking reduced noticably.

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