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On my 4.5 when I adjusted the timing after a valve adjustment I found that setting the timing to 5*ATDC (per book) produced poor running, run on and hard starts. While setting the timing I also observed an additional paint mark at 10*BTDC. I took a gamble, disconnected the vacuum to the distributor and set timing to 10*BTDC. Upon reconnecting the vacuum, timing was sitting about 2-3*ATDC and the car ran fine. Try setting to 10*BTDC with the vacuum disconnected and plugged. Reconnect and see how it runs.

For the manifold pressure sensor hose I found the 5/16 fuel line worked good. It fit snugly on the sensor, but loose on the manifold stub. A small hose clamp holds it tightly to the stub, but is a real PITA to get a screw driver on. Found my fabric covered line was rife with small holes, changing the line dramatically improved the running condition.

Hope this helps
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