Thread: EFI for m117?
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EFI for m117?

I'm getting closer to the point where I plan on swapping out the CIS in my 190e 5.6 (like after I get it running and break the rebuilt motor in) for full EFI and just thought I'd post over here and see what you experts think. I know at least one other m117 has been EFI'd over on benzworld....possibly megasquirt (?). Basically I would like to pull as much power as possible from the motor in n/a form, and obviously customize the power delivery to the car. Having not done this before, I'm just wondering what system you think would be best, and what things I need to obtain aside from just the computer itself. My thoughts right now are either Haltech or TEC3, as it sounds like those offer a little edge over the megasquirt (though somewhat more expensive). Thoughts???
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