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Col Tigwell
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A little about me

I have just retired, from a lifetime of working around large machinery, airplanes, off highway equipment, and diesel locomotives.

We own a 1969 W114, with only 62,000 miles on it since new, is still a great motor car, and is used daily.

When we retired we decided we wanted to travel, and to tow a 20 foot trailer, and we decided to purchase a ML270, because particulary it suited the tug role.

The car has arrived after a long wait, and so far has exceeded the specs given to us by MB.

The ML270 for those who do not know, is a diesel version of the ML320, they too now come out of the USA factory, but are equiped with the OM612 engine.

This engine is also used in the G270, C270 and E270, and I believe shortly will be used in the JEEP.

My only problem, is that in Australia, we will encounter some long hauls with no MB dealer, distances of nearly 2000 miles we will encounter.

We have tried to buy a shop manual, for one of the cars which use this engine, but so far have drawn a blank. We have offered to accept CD Roms in lieu, but have been told they are encoded, so they cannot be read, on a normal PC.

Can anyone direct me, to where I may buy this information. We have managed to purchase some information, from Voss Motors, but they cannot help with this engine. As it appears that the Jeep may be the first car, released in the USA, which will have this engine. This engine developes great torque, right where we tow at 1600 to 2600 RPM.

Your help and interest, is much appreciated.


Col Tigwell
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