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I sure hope you are right about the diesel OM612 becoming available in a USA Jeep. Mercedes needs to use their leverage in diesel know-how to put their engines in otherwise worthless Chrysler products!

We will start researching for manuals to help you out - I'd say you've come to the right place as we have a few people in Europe visit and help out with non-USA vehicles.

The CDROM manuals that we get for our cars are not encoded and for the most part are just digital scans (Adobe PDF format) of the paper manuals. It might be on the newer vehicles there is no such thing as paper manuals anymore - and the CDROMs might be encoded with some kind of license/registration to prevent duplication.

I know someone with direct links to MB will respond.

So, I am wondering if you are a USA Vet retired in Australia, or an Australian Vet?

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