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Good Morning Markham!! Winnipeg calling!!!
I have used several different brands of batteries in my cars - by far - Interstate has been the best. By far - the worst has been Canadian Tire. Due to time frames I was forced to get Canadian tire batteries three times. In every case (ON VW diesels) the batteries developed internal shorts within 18 months - were replaced under warranty and were replaced again. I would never buy another one. I have an old Interstate that is 8 years old and is still servicable. If you can't find an Interstate dealer in Markham, post back here and I will call Interstate in Manitoba to find out where you can get one there. On my 560sel I opted for the factory Mercedes battery - It is two years old now and working fine - but it cost me $270.00 CDN. Just going from memory (the car is still in winter storage) I think it was 1000 cranking amps - all I know is it it one heavy $#%^^&&!!!
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