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Mike and Hill thanks for commenting.
The car is 30 years old and has only 92,000 miles. Service records confirm the milege. So the car was not used too often.
The MPU hose had been changed by the PO. .
I'm running rich, the plugs are uniformly slightly sooted and a little damp at the base of the spark plug electrode.
Per stevebfl's 3/30/2000 post I tried adjusting the MPU and have gotten much improved warm idling and restart. I'm not finished my adjustment but it looks promising.
When I purchased the car the PO told me that the last "mechanic" working on the car couldn't get it to idle correctly.
At start up it would idle extremely high until warm up. I discovered that the "mechanic's" solution to get the car to run without shutting off was to disconnect and plug the vacuum hose from the throttle valve to the vacuum switchover valve that regulates the distributor retard. So who knows what he may have done to the MPU besides replacing the hose leading to it.
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