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Thumbs down 300E 124 Evaporator

Hello All,

A friend of mine has his '91 300E in the shop right now having the evaporator replaced. The MB dealer told him they charge $85 an hour so that they won't have to work on "those old cars." They only like to work on 2000 and newer, because MB pays for the labor. It worked; my buddy took his to an independent shop.

I believe my evaporator may be leaking also, on my '90.

After having read many, many messages here and also in the newsgroups about the problems with 124 evaporators I called 1-800-FORMERC and spoke with the authorities there.

I spoke with the Customer Service rep AND a supervisor (they would let me go no higher).

So, just to put everyone here's mind at ease, please know that Mercedes Benz NA insists there is no pattern of problems with the evaporators in the 124 cars.

They also said there was no history of the top neck breaking off the plastic radiators, either! And besides, "lots of car makers use plastic in their radiators". And besides, "even if the neck does break off, it's no big deal".

I wonder what color the sky is in their world.

I love MB automobiles, but I couldn't have much less respect for their local dealer and MB Customer Service.
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