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So, just to put everyone here's mind at ease, please know that Mercedes Benz NA insists there is no pattern of problems with the evaporators in the 124 cars.

They also said there was no history of the top neck breaking off the plastic radiators, either! And besides, "lots of car makers use plastic in their radiators". And besides, "even if the neck does break off, it's no big deal".

WOW, that is really "new" news. The unfortunate fact of matter is that MB, especially MBUSA and MBNA did not know of ANY pattern of ANY problem on ANY MB model. Is that arrogant enough?

The lesson is this.

The Germans should learn from GM on how to design a working AC system.

The Germans should learn from the Japanese on how to design good gaskets to seal the engine and transmission.

And MB, especially MBUSA and MBNA need to wake up before it is too late.
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