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I have two letters from MBUSA that I am sick to even look at. The issues were about MAS and head gasket on the M104 engines in the W210s. So I am not going to re-type them here but the essence is the same as Paul's (actually a bit worse as the first reply from MBUSA intentionally ignored one of the two issues as they pick the easier one to respond). Personally I am not going to waste my time for $1k as my time and effort is worth more than that. But I will keep reminding fellow MB owners of the arrogance and irresponsibility of MBUSA.

Time after time, when customers request warranty services that have TSBs, the dealers pretend they knew nothing about them. If they talk to MBUSA, MBUSA knew nothing about them either. No one in the MB organization knows but everyone else knows.

I wonder if she was typing that with a straight face

She might be "servicing" her boss when she typed this. You know like Monica and Bill.
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