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John, you've got some work cut out for you, if you are determined to use that electronic trans. I really don't understand your desire to use it. You want to use non M/B engine management so the desire to stay strictly M/B shouldn't be a concern. I honestly don't think it is the best trans to use regardless of whether you can effectively communicate with it enough to shift out of first or not. I don't regard it as a very stout piece to start with. It lives behind that engine b/c the power is cut during upshifts and the tranny module softly engages the gears to keep the 12's torque from busting it apart. Without using the M/B hardware with it's software babying the trans you'll find out what I mean. You've got a clean slate, I'd use that as an opportunity to start with something better, even if it is an older design. Mercedes reliability track record over the last ten years makes it evident that they were building cars for profit, not reliability. Just b/c it's newer, doesn't mean it's better.
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