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I love how there is no evaporator problems in the 124,140 or even the 202,210 chassis. I have done tons ,maybe its just the customers dont change their refigerant enough(hahahah). Mercedes dont have problems with their wiring harness' either,you know the engine harness on all models from 92-early96. The starter harness' on the e320's or the alternator starter harness' on the 140's that fry the inst. cluster and pushbutton assy. Those head gaskets and timing covers on the 104's and 103's that leak at 30k miles but get overlooked. The balancers on the ml's that come apart and eat the timing cover and lower oil pan. This might piss some off but you know sometimes the truth does. I just tell it like it is. There is more to say but not enough room in this server to handle it. I love Mercedes for the fact they are dependable after the techs fix their screw ups , I always try to get my customers cars covered under warranty from a dealership I know that always helps them out. Otherwise they have me fix it , sometimes they save money and sometimes they just pay to have their car right . But remember ( You never realise a good mercedes technician until you have had a bad one ) Just my 2 cents , and its not worth much.
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