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If it is of any consolation to our US friends, Mercedes Canada dealers mimics their US based brothers.
I was recently looking at trading my old faithfull 1989 260E for a newer (1994-95) W124. I visited 2 Mercedes dealer.
At both dealers, I was tild:
a) We will not take your nice looking/clean 260E as a trade-in because we do not want to deal with a discountinued 13 years old model, as clean as it is.
b) When we get a 1994-95 as a trade-in, we don't normally retail those cars, We send them to the wholesale/dealer auction. We only keep the newer E serie in our used car inventory.
I asked if they would take my name down and call me if a nice 94-95 shows-up. Nope, they said. You only have to stop by, once in a while, and if we, by accient, have one, we'll see what we can do............ Strange attitude.
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