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C'mon fellas, easy on P Conner. For all the magic in the Mercedes (in my case 300E), there are a few pissers. A/C for one, head gasket for two, valve stem seals for three. We hate it when they go out, as they seem to on most 124's, then we remind ourselves of everything that is right with our 10-15-20-25 year old Benz, and we smile.

Just got back from the gym and my buddy gets into my car with my new auction-acquired stereo system. Pioneer deck for 270 (not that great a deal), retail Infinity Basslink purchase, but 32 bucks for a pair of Memphis audios in front (shipped) and 37 bucks for Polk (shipped) in rear. Put in Murder by Numbers by The Police. "Damn, that sounds fantastic, way better than my Bose in the Infiniti," is his response. Even more rewarding is that the bass notes are tight, with no cheap plastic resonance coming from the interior fitments. 150k+ miles, 15+ years young, and almost tight as a drum.

That's why I own a Mercedes. Be patient P. Read the wise counsel of the veterans of this forum (I am a mere pup), and you will start to appreciate the incredible amount of knowledge and assistance this site provides. Good luck.
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