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Though there are many exceptions, I have found that many RWD cars have something of a "soul" or "personality". Many of the FWD Neon, Civic, Camry, etc ad nauseam all are appliances for the most part. A Lexus ES being a "nicer" toaster-oven than a economy FWD car, but a toaster none-the-less. If you notice, people who buy RWD cars generally are more car people. Those who buy primarily FWD cars are non-car people. Or for people/families that own both, the FWD is the car which all abuse/neglect is heaped and the RWD is the garage queen.
Yes, there are some cars that are quite capable that have FWD. But the simple physics of a vehicle being dependent on only 2 wheels for turning AND accelerating vs one that spreads the load just puts FWD at too much of a disadvantage.

Just my the end it comes down to what MB DOC said earlier. "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't."