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Adjusted throttle control rods to spec, shift quality diminished

Now that the major work is done on the 560 I started finishing off the small stuff. I started by thouroughly cleaning and lubing the throttle linkage. Then I checked the rod lengths against the book and found all to be shorter than book, except for the long rod to the relay lever (it was too long). The worst was the connecting link from the accelerator control shaft to the fulcrum lever (the spring loaded rod).

Most of the rods were only short by a mm or two, but the rod to the fulcrum lever was a good 10-12mm short. After adjusting to proper length throttle response was great. A lot of improvement could also be due to the clean/lube job though. During the test drive I noticed the silk smooth shifts were gone. The tranny slammed into gear at each shift, even worse under hard acceleration. Returned home double checked lengths and studied the situation.

I took a gamble and started shortening the rod to the fulcrum lever back toward where it was, and as I shortened it the shifts became smoother. I still have a little slam under hard acceleration, but it is smooth enough to hold out till the weekend.

I decided that adjusting this connecting link somehow changed the relationship of the fulcrum lever to bowden cable for the tranny. Just how I'm not sure yet. If I set the rod to length I assume I will then have to adjust the bowden cable to smooth the shifts, or I could just leave the connecting rod short.

I also wonder if the PO's mechanic might have dinked with the connecting link to compensate for a misadjusted modulator. Opinions anyone, am I on the right track or am I upsetting the apple cart?
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