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Does Your 300 Turbo downshift on grades?

Greetings All,

I know, another tranny question, but just curious to see if things are operating as they should. I have done the search option about tranny shifts etc. etc. but none of them really mention whether a load on the engine will cause the tranny to downshift automatically without punching it to the floor to engage the downshift button. If your '84 or so 300 turbo senses the load and downshifts without the pedal to the floor, can you tell me what it is that actually needs adjustment to make it happen for me? The car seems to shift fine from a stand still, firm and predictable, but going up a hill as you loose speed, shouldn't it downshift without the downshift button being engaged? Give me your thoughts or experienced ideas as to what I need to look into adjusting, or perhaps yours is the same way and you find it to be just normal.


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