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95 SL600 Air shocks Probelm. Help Please

I currently own 95 SL600 with air struts . I have a problem with a rear suspension. When the car is in off possition and I test the shocks (by pushing the car down) it goes right back up, which means that the shocks are good. Now I've tried doing the same thing when I stared the car and the result was the same, i would actually say that it was even stiffer. When I drive the car and I hit the bump, only my rear bouces back very badly and it seems like that the shocks are bad, but this car has an air suspension and I do not know how it operates. How can I solve this problem? What needs to be changed: air struts or accumulator lemforder (hhas to do with air suspension). Somone has told me that it's a known problem, but i need the answer how to resolve this issue.
Please help.
Thank you
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