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It looks like a decent car but 4500 seems low for a new motor.

It looks like the drivers seat has been redone.

That alone probably cost 2K.

I can't give you advice from this distance but if it starts drives and shifts correctly and the ac works its probably well worth the 2K. '

All that other crap is crap. I'd only pay the sales tax. I'd say "you offered the car at 2K. I want to buy it at that. We have a deal. Quit screwing around." Then wait til they do it.

The dodge dealer tried to pull this crap on me when I bought a new car from them, tacking on stuff and trying to say the mfgr raised the price and such. I just said, no we have a deal, give me my car for the price on the written offer. I was really pissed.

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