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Alrighty, I will get the car aligned at the dealer, and the wheels balanced on the Hunter GSP9700 wheel balance machine.

I'll post the follow up on the original thread.

I decided I'd get the tires replaced and balanced, then determine wether or not I need to use the Hunter GSP 9700.

Yesterday I got the Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus tires installed by Penske Tire Center. What a difference! They are so smoooooth and quiet compared to the Goodyear Regatta II's.

The vibration did diminish, but it is still there. I'll confess that it is awfully slight, but it can be felt at speeds above 65 mph, and the steering wheel does tremble - it can be felt in the hands and observed with hands off the wheel.

I'm going to the dealer for a balance, alignment, and then reevaluate (for a price. What was I quoted? $72 for a balance and $95 for alignment...).
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