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Originally Posted by Motorhead View Post
I am posting your "Line " at the bottom of your post...Excessive speeding? It ain't excessive till I redline!
That is one thing I wouldn't do driving cross-country. Why push a car looking for that 80-90 mph stretch? Alot of people on this site think that the Mercedes diesel is indestructable that you can just go and wring them out all day long with no consequences. People think that the 5.9 Cummins 6 cyl diesel would run that way also. Driven sensably, they too will go 500,000 miles. At UPS we had that engine in UPS package cars and I saw several destroyed in as little as 100,000miles from running them balls out! My $0.02 is drive them easy on trips and don't worry then about breaking down. Do your redline stuff close to home and the GARAGE.
I couldn't agree more, but then again, most people drive like the brake and gas pedals are on and off switches.

A fellow down the street has an early Fiat 124 Spyder, he drives it a few times a week. It runs like a top, although he really babies it when it's cold and he doesn't rev it up too much. He has had it for close to twenty years.

Another fellow dowm the street still has a 1974 VW beetle that he bought new, it's his only car. Again he babies it, and doesn't rev it up too high. It's still on the first motor, though he told it's had a couple of valve jobs.
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