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Originally Posted by 300SDog View Post
Thats okay, its not an emotional issue to me - just fact: Water absorbs engine heat, enabling lower operating temps, better than coolant.

BTW, love the quote you're using as your signature. Lemme guess, it was adressed to you?
If you say so, take the quote however you want.

I guess you know more about thermodynamics than the people that made your car, huh? I guess that coolant is some sort of evil conspiracy to get us to waste money on repairs and products we don't really need.

You probably aren't old enough to remember how cars used to boil over because water alone boils at a much lower temp than a coolant/water mix in a pressurized cooling system. Once a car boils over, that's it, you are overheated and steam doesn't cool very well.

People, the Dog has spoken, drain out that evil coolant.

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