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Penske has been using stick on weights because the clamp on type they use won't stay on.

I went with the Michelin's because they agreed to replace my tires with whatever I wanted, and refunded me the amount I originally paid for the Goodyear's.

I went with the Michelin MXV4's because they've been used successfuly for so long on the W124's, they were well-regarded in the reviews on, and many members on this site on the tire forum liked them. I could have saved some money with the Yokohama's or Toyo's, but I was afraid to take another risk.

I suppose one of my wheels could be bent. This whole issue came up after my tires were rotated and balanced. Maybe the defective wheel was on the rear and I didn't notice? There was never a balance / vibration problem before. I re-rotated the wheels back to what I thought was their original position, but it didn't help.

What's strange is originally, the Penske Tires used the clamp on weights when the tires were first installed. After the rebalance, the weights wouldn't stay on after I drove away. They must've tried 3-4 times with different kinds of weights, and none would stay on, which is why they ended up using the stick on weights. Maybe the dealer has clamp-on weights that stay on.

And yes, my rims are the original 15 inch 15 hole chrome wheels.
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