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I can't take credit for this but don't remember where I originally got this info from.

1. Unscrew and remove the door lock plunger
2. Remove the cast metal plate around the door striker
3. Remove the 2 visible screws holding on the arm rest. There is a third one holding the top of the armrest which you can't see yet.
4. Using a small flat screwdriver, carefully prise out the plastic cover under the door opener lever. (The frame around it is actually cast metal, but it looks like plastic)
5. Remove the screw that you now see. It holds on the metal frame around the opener lever. Remove the metal frame.
6. The third screw holding the top of the armrest is now exposed. Remove it and the armrest.
7. Now comes the part where you can remove the door upholstered cover and liner. The cover is actually hanging on special plastic clips which pull it snugly into the door frame. Grip the base firmly on both sides and lift upward, then outward. You will find it comes off quite easily.
8. The lamp at the base of the door will be connected with wires. Slip off the connection, and the cover is free.
9. Next, carefully remove the plastic liner. Try not to tear it. If it is in bad condition, use the old liner as a template to make a new one. (Stick it back with silastic/silicone sealer)

Hope this helps.

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