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A word of caution is necessary here. I only worked for 27 years in the oil business for a major oil company (Started with a G like Gulf) so I probably know a thing or two about motor oil.
I am all for better and in favor of having the best filtration system and clean oil, This is an excellent insurance policy against engine problems. Amsoil probaby has a good filtration system, BUT,
if the intent is to have eternal oil and extend oil change interval to an unprecedented mileage, you will be doing more harm than good.
With time and mileage (on which manufacturers recommendations are based on) all (syntetic and mineral) oil degrades. Oxidation and acidity are a major problems with all oils. In addition, the additive package, anti foam agent , anti oxidation, anti wear, anti-acid, viscosity improvers, viscosity modifyers. dispersants, detergents and several others loose their properties. In addition, oil gets contaminated with fuel by-pass, condensation, coolant contamination etc. etc. which can not be removed by any filtration system (Amsoil's or others).
Oil needs to be replace because it deteriorates.
In the big oil labs, most oil are designed and blended with additives to roughly follow manufacturers recommendations in terms of oilo change intervals. Why would Mobil, Shell, Pennzoil or any other design oils that could last for 25,000mi when they expect the consumer will roughly follow mthe manufacturers recommendations??
Oil is not eternal. With all the lab results I have done and seen, if I could get the best filter in the world, I would never exceed 7-9,000mi between oil changes
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