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I posted part of this on the performance board but will ask for help here. I've a 91 300E with 105k. On the highway whenever I exceed 85mph the front steering wheel and generally the front dash shakes excessively making it impossible to speed further. I understand that my car needs new shocks as I remember that I had leaking shocks when I brought it in for service some while back. In anycase I wanted to make sure I know pretty much what the problem is. Could some of the leaking shocks be distorting the whole balance of the car and thus probably the alignment be causing this? Do you think new shocks would cure this maybe also with an alignment. I have owned the car since new. It has been MB serviced always. I don't think the wheels need balancing or the alignment should be inherently off except for what is caused by the shocks. What else could it be? Is their some other suspension/steering parts that should be checked, although I would think MB would check it carefully at the big service I just completed? Just want to learn more myself. I appreciate you help and will register right after this. Thanks