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E320 Motor and Trans Mount : Replace or Not?

Thanks again to all for you help in the past. I just replaced the OPV Relay with help from you all and my 1994 E320 is running great again, well almost.........

When the engine is at operating temp there is a little vibration ( high frequency) in drive when vehicle is stopped. In neutral it is almost not noticeable. When the trans is in drive the gear shift appears to be between the "D" and "N" on the console. Also, when I apply the brakes while driving the shifter then goes completely into the "D" spot ( moves to the left), just where it should.

Question1: My first thought was the trans mount was bad. I took a pry bar and tried to move the trans up off the mount very gentle like. It moved up about 5mm, but the mount seems to be OK. The mount is very flexible. Should it be flexible? It seems the mount is connected by two rubber straps molded to the top and bottom of the mount.

Question2: I meassured the right engine mount from the flange to the sub frame as I have read. I used digital calipers. I measured the mount clearance in two places. The front of the mount measured 14mm to the sub frame and on the right hand side of the mount away from the engine measured 12mm.

Should I replace the engine and trans mount?

I read 13mm is the minimum. True for a 1994 E320? My CD does not state.

The engine starts and runs hesitation.

Thanks again,
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