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Another problem that surfaced on my 3000 mile California trip last week. I had the AC belt changed before leaving Colorado(It was squealing). The squeal was still intermittent and the shop evacuated the system and added the proper amount of lubricant before re-charging the system. Well--4 hours into the first night drive the belt broke and I'm now assuming the compressor is ruined from being run by the PO with freon with a high moisture content and not enough lubricant. The shop also said the expansion valve was sticky. I've heard the rebuilt compressors may not be a safe way to go because of quality control issues in the rebuilt units. Anybody have any experience in this area. I need the most cost effective way to effect the necessary repairs. It's still nudging up against 100 degrees + here. And--I have a Canada drive at the end of August.

Thanks, Mike McLaughlin