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Not sure if starter is shot....87 300E

I am trying to diagnose my brothers 300E from two thousnad miles away. Car has 200k miles I believe, and plays back up to a 96 e320.

Problem: Turn the key to start and only a single 'clack' sound. Sounds like the stater is getting juice and only can get the shaft out but not enough to engage and turn the flywheel. (he put the cell phone on the valve cover and turned the key for me!) No repeat clicking , just one click.

Battery or starter? The battery is a few years old but had juice to run the lights, fan, fuel pump etc. Also the battery has died a few times over the last decade and has not exhibited the usual signs in this case. He doenst have the test equip to see if the battery has any dead cells.

Any thoughts??

(car is in Colleyville, TX. Any independent benz shops out there?)
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