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Smoked front corners

Just to confirm what others have been saying here. If you're getting some clear corners - go with the Bosch or Hellas. Just yesteray I recieved some smoked front turn signals from an ebay auction I won. 'Made in Germany', 'OEM quality and finish' were advertised and caught my eye (silly me).

Upon intial inspection, the glossy plastic lens felt somehow 'soft' compared to the factory Bosch's that are on my car. Upon installing them, I noticed the bulges and unven width of the rubber seal, on one side even allowing a pretty noticeable gap between it and the body. The brand was TYC, I thought they were made by in-pro, but they were actually just the German distributor.

From about five feet away and further they looked great - tied in nicely with the smoked rear turn signals - just the look I was going for. Unfortunately, knowing (and seeing) how poorly they fit, and wondering how long they'd look nice, I took them right out. I don't know why Bosch and/or Hella don't make the smoked front signals as they do the rears, but I'll be ordering my clear Bosch's today and returning the TYC's. The dealer on ebay was Import Vision if anyone is interested - pleasant and easy to work with, but sub-par quality for what I ordered.

Moral of the story, in most cases 'true OEM' is the best. And 'Made in Germany' doesn't guarantee quality.

- Ryan
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