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Keith -

Thanks for the lead to CM Filters:

I checked them out and am very impressed with their offerings. Not only do they offer remote mounting options, they also offer a machined Aluminum canister that directly replaces a spin on disposable filter AND has a removable plate on the bottom for replacing the filter cartridge. What interests me in the spin on replacement canister is one can change the filter cartridge "out the bottom" which, for my 300E, means "out the top." i.e. this solves my original problem of continually "spilling" oil down the side of my engine when I change the factory filter. I just need to confirm they have a set up for my Benz.

Larry and dpetryk - I agree with your assessment of extended drain intervals - that was never my objective. While I will change my filter set-up, I won't change my drain intervals. I am one of those who changes oil every 2,500 miles; in part for the reasons you mentioned. I figure oil is relatively inexpensive, is recycled and is one of the easy things an owner can do to help maintain a vehicle in top condition. Over the years, I have migrated to using Mobil 1 primarily because of the stability it seems to provide over the temperature extremes in Minnesota - low and high. Now, I may further migrate to Amsoil synthetic because of what I am learning about what defines a true synthetic product. While Amsoil 'appears' more true to the synthetic concept, I still wonder about the additive package in any synthetic and whether or not it too is synthetic. I was once told that the additive package in synthetics may not be synthetic AND can contitute up to 50% by volume of the product.

Thanks to all for helping me find a solution to my filter set-up!!
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