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95 SL600 Air shocks Probelm. ADS Valve???

This is the message that I've posted before:
I currently own 95 SL600 with air struts . I have a problem with a rear suspension. When the car is in off possition and I test the shocks (by pushing the car down) it goes right back up, which means that the shocks are good. Now I've tried doing the same thing when I stared the car and the result was the same, i would actually say that it was even stiffer. When I drive the car and I hit the bump, only my rear bouces back very badly and it seems like that the shocks are bad, but this car has an air suspension and I do not know how it operates. How can I solve this problem? What needs to be changed: air struts or accumulator lemforder (has to do with air suspension). Somone has told me that it's a known problem, but i need the answer how to resolve this issue.
Please help.
Thank you

Just now I spoke to my mechanic and he is telling me that ADS valve ($950) is leaking and needs to be replaced. I personally saw it with my eyes that it's leaking, but is it possible that all the problems are caused by it? What is the possibility????

PLease let me know your opinion, and how many of you replaced this ADS valve.
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