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My '87 124 wagon has been doing this to the front tires as well. Just a bit too much wear on the outside edges. It took about 10K miles before I even noticed it. Just rotated them front to back to move the problem for a while.

One solution is to add a bit of toe-out to the alignment. (Or perhaps less toe-in.) This moves the wear point from the outside toward the inside of the tires. Tou-out also quickens the steering response of the car; autocross racers run tons of toe out on their specialized cars. However, it can also make the car twitchy at highway speeds.

If the steering wheel is off center and the car pulls after the alignment (but didn't before) then you need to find a new shop - the one that did this work is totally incompetent. The off center wheel is caused by a tech too lazy to adjust the tie rods to center it (and it should be centered - the steering box has reduced play right on center which makes the car drive like it should.) The pull is caused by cross camber - again the reason is a tech too lazy to adjust both sides to equal amounts of negative camber.

- Jim

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