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Posts: 788's the deal. My dad is the original owner. He had a special attachment to it, so when we moved to the US, he couldn't let his car go! So he shipped it. Then the people stole his radio and messed up a few things and when he went to file a claim, he found out that they went out of business. So he was screwed there. I guess I could contact another import company and ask what the "to-do list" was for cars in 89. Good idea? I think he took the sticker off, but I think I found it in the glove box...doesn't say much, but a little thing about timing and idle speed. I really don't mind the beams or the reinforced bumpers, esp. because they still look like the short euros. The headlights, the trip computer which they messed up and the speedo that is off pisses me (and my dad) off the most. Then I start thinking about what all they could have messed up in the motor...aaahhh!
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