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Question Replacement of Speedo Cable on 190E

Sorry about this question, but I could not find anything helpful using the search function--

I want to replace the speedometer cable. I tried to get at the connector at the back of the instrument panel (from below) but I am stymied by a large hose for the Climate Control vent at the left of the dash panel. Cannot figure out how to disconnect it and get it out of the way.

I can disconnect it from the fitting at the left side of the center console, but can't move it anywhere useful. Cannot figure out how to disconnect it (and reconnect later!!) from the elbow at the vent. The elbow end is way up in the innards of the dash.

Any suggestions from someone who has done it?? Can I remove the left hand vent, pull it out of the dash and disconnect the hose there??

I would rather not pull the instrument cluster in this process, as I have wood cladding on the dash that might make removal of the cluster problematic.


Tom Elerding
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