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Question 190e 2.6

I would like to thank everyone for their posts in regards to my car. I decided to take the plunge and to purchase it. I have it now. There are just a few small things that I noticed wrong with it. I would guess that I wouldn't need to fix them immediately, but I wanted to post them here to see what you all thought:

1. The gauge cluster that has the gas gauge, oil pressure gauge and oil temp. gauge does not seem to be functioning. The dealorship filled the tank for me, but the arrow was still down to empty. As I drove home, all of the gauges were at the bottom, so I'm guessing that it might be a fuse or something like that?

2. The cruise control does not seem to be functioning. I tried it a few times, and it would not engage. Possibly another fuse?

Other than these two problems, I could find nothing else wrong. The car drives like a champ. I'm looking forward to a long and GOOD relationship with my car!

Would someone be able to give me an estimate as to how much they think it would cost to have those gauges and the cruise working again?

Thanks for all of your help!
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