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I have the Haynes manual, this might help

Remove door panel

Release inner door handle connecting rod from the door guide, then disengage it from the lock lever

Release the clip securing the rod for the door lock button, and remove the rod from the rear of the lock. Unscrew and remove the plastic screw securing the door lock button pivot and remove the rod and buton from the door.

Trace the vacuum line along the door panel and prise off the connection at the central locking selenoid. we had to use two screwdrivers for this, one inserted through the door aperture from the side, as the connnection is very tight- care must be taken not to damage the plastic fitting.

Unscrwe and remove the lock cover retaining screw from the door inner panel.

remove the three lock securing screws from the rear edge of the door, and withdrawl the lock and cover assembly downward, tilting it slightly and following the rear edge of the door until the assembley can be withdrawn through the door aperature. Where applicable, disconnect the anti-theft alarm wiring plug as the lock is removed.

Once the assembly is removed, the plastic cover can be unclipped.

Refitting is the reverse sequence.
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