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That E-Bay link picture has the same problem as yours. No bolts. There should be two 'ears' on the left side of your PS Pump. The PS pump's back will be placed against the big block of aluminum bracket. There will be three holes in the big block of aluminum bracket. One hole will be a regular hole. It is shown in one of your pictures in the upper left. A bolt will come from the backside and a nut will be screwed onto the bolt and be 'placed' or located over the ear. Or poke bolt from the back side of the big aluminum bracket and through the hole of the PS pumps upper left ear. Place nut onto the bolt.
The plastic part and its bolt needs to be in place before that. The other two bolts need to come from the backside too. They will go through, one each, through each curved slot on the big aluminum bracket. and through the PS pumps corrisponding ears. Place nut on bolts.

Eric, look at only page 15 of the PDF, its the last page. It shown the blot and nut locations and the tensioner bolt location. It doesn't shown the plastic piece.

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