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Found where the leak is.
The leak is coming from the cylinder head on the the front corner adjacent to the chain tensioner. It's not the chain tensioner that is leaking.When i removed the air filter housing to take a close look, I saw oil dripping on the corner of the cylinder head. I know this is a major job if I am going to remove the cylinder head.
Is there any other remedy to fix this problem? I was thinking of just tightening the cylinder head bolts, maybe the leak will go away. Could someone please tell me where are the cylinder head bolts located? Can I access it by just removing the cylinder head cover and tighten the bolts from there? Also, I saw oil on one of the plugs adjacent to where the leak is coming from. Is it possible that oil is coming out there too?
I will appreciate it very much any help you may provide.

Thank you.
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