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Originally Posted by Biglex View Post
Checked the fuel lines, no sign of leaks. I do have boost, but it doesnt really kick in til nearly 2K rpm. Transmission has always shifted rough. I have heard it could be a vacuum problem with that though. I had not thought about the timing chain, but that does make good sense. I am guessing it would be a good idea to get it changed anyway after 200k miles. I will check this and report back once i get it done. Thanks for all the info.
If it's low on power until the turbo 'kicks in' at 2000rpm, it sounds like you're low on fuel delivery off idle. You can help this by adjusting the ALDA, either via the setscrew up top, or adding a shim underneath, to richen the mixture slightly. If it starts smoking while leaving a stop, you know you've gone a bit too far. This will also affect tranny shifting, but check the vacuum lines first (and make sure there's no vacuum leaks elsewhere, which will also cause hard shifting).

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