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Exclamation HELP! Smell of oil in cabin of 300E


On some occasions, after coming off the highway, and stopping at a light - I have had the smell of oil in the cabin. This was not the smel of oil - burned through an engine - but rather the smell of oil that had dripped on something hot - i.e., exhaust manifold.

It does not happen on ANY regular intervals - or circumstance, except that I will smell it once or twice during a drive - usually after having driven the car - after a cold (first) start - for about 15 minutes. **granted my climate control is on -- bringing me heat into the cabin. However, I do not feel that this is simply "in the air"

Any guess as to what this might be?
Anyone had this problem before.


1991 300E (Autobahn Modified)
1986 Trans Am (Race Modified)
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