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Unhappy Oil pressure, 190e - 89

My 89 190e 2.6 runs and idles well. But the oil pressure gage sometimes reads below 1 or no pressure at all when I am at a stop. The car was serviced 3 months ago by a MB dealer and the diag. computer did not report any problems from the pumps.

What can I do? I also learn from a mechanic that this particular model is equipped with 2 oil pumps. The main with easy access (kind of) and the aux. which is built somewhere in a more difficult position. Is there a troubleshooting guide that I could use before trying to replace the pumps, just without farther convincement?

The engine has a slow oil leak, apparently in the front of the engine, something that I cannot see. I need to add oil every 2 weeks, depending on how much I drive the car. Would this be the source of the problem, can I use with confidence an aftermarket oil treatment or oil stop-leak to take care of the problem?

Please advise.

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